• 03.10.2017

    For a long time I find the time to post something on my own website. I was very busy with the transition to Berkeley.global. Here is the very short version of the story. 

  • 23.06.2015

    Our customer, FileMaker, told us about a problem facing their partners, the solution developers in the FileMaker Business Alliance: they were overwhelmed with orders, but could barely handle them due to a lack of qualified employees. How quickly could we set up an effective campaign to attract young database designers?

  • 22.06.2015
    There’s no doubt about it: mobility is on the brink of far-reaching change. This shift has multiple causes: the stagnating automobile market; an increased willingness, particularly among the younger generations, to use public transport; and new types of mobility facilitated by smartphones. essential media is in favour of e-mobility, and one of its projects has involved helping Taxizentrale IsarFunk, a Munich-based taxi company, to launch Germany’s first electric taxi service.
  • 21.05.0015

    Input alone, however, does not make a PR campaign. This was the case, for example, when a study commissioned by Kaspersky Lab and carried out by the Institute for Media Psychology at Würzburg University came across our desks. From a scientific perspective, it was a very interesting study, but our task focused on implementing the results as a PR campaign, and ensuring, as far as possible, that it worked throughout Europe.

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essential media and Berkeley have known each other for more than ten years through the joint customer Kaspersky Lab. During this time a close partnership has emerged, which now reaches a new dimension with the founding of Berkeley Kommunikation in Munich. To this end, essential media GmbH transferred the major part of its existing customers and their employees to Berkeley Kommunikation GmbH. As part of an international agency group Berkeley Communication, Berkeley Kommunikation will expand her position on the German market. Paul Stallard and Florian Schafroth take over the management of Berkeley Kommunikation. Karl H. Mayer will help as a consultant to continue growing and will remain closely linked to Berkeley. The essential media will continue to exist. As slow as this page develops, essential media will also be repositioned. But now the sleeves are rolled up and used elsewhere with Berkeley! Here

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