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  • 03.10.2017

    For a long time I find the time to post something on my own website. I was very busy with the transition to Here is the very short version of the story. 

  • 23.06.2015

    Our customer, FileMaker, told us about a problem facing their partners, the solution developers in the FileMaker Business Alliance: they were overwhelmed with orders, but could barely handle them due to a lack of qualified employees. How quickly could we set up an effective campaign to attract young database designers?

  • 22.06.2015
    There’s no doubt about it: mobility is on the brink of far-reaching change. This shift has multiple causes: the stagnating automobile market; an increased willingness, particularly among the younger generations, to use public transport; and new types of mobility facilitated by smartphones. essential media is in favour of e-mobility, and one of its projects has involved helping Taxizentrale IsarFunk, a Munich-based taxi company, to launch Germany’s first electric taxi service.

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essential media is an owner-managed PR agency based in Munich, Germany. We advise our customers on IT and high-tech topics. Our work is transparent and verifiable. We protect our customers’ reputations and ensure authentic representation in German-language media and social communities. We introduce brands and companies and support the sale of products and services.

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