We are essential.

No buzzword bingo.

“We want access to your corporate information, to your plans and strategies, your best thinking, your genuine knowledge. We will not settle for the 4-color brochure, for web sites chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking any substance.” We like thesis 64 from The Cluetrain Manifesto because it represents our mindset, which stems from journalistic thinking.

PR Strategies begin with a piece of paper

For us, strategies begin with listening. What sort of business model does the company have? Which strategies does the company want to use to achieve its goals? essential media holds a thorough briefing before developing a communication strategy. We consider every client’s story and write it down. Only then do we turn to storytelling, to selecting methods and tactics, and to searching for the right formats and channels. We’ve spent twenty years learning from the strategies of our customers, including Apple, FileMaker, Kaspersky Lab, Sun and Sony. We’ve developed hundreds of strategies and completed thousands of communications tasks. We’ll admit that we’ve been in meetings with a high buzzword factor. But that’s OK. We’re expert jargon busters.

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