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Space for storytelling and brand building.

It’s like taking the step from media relations to public relations. Media relations target journalists, while public relations work is aimed at a much larger audience: company stakeholders and potential customers. On the Internet, social networks serve as the foundation for a new type of corporate public relations. From a communicator’s perspective, social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and Pinterest are media channels. But beware: in social networks, the stakeholders are the stars. Social networks are fundamentally different from traditional media—even those which now operate online editions. This is due both to the lack of journalists (“gatekeepers”) and to the ways in which content is created.

Storytelling and Brandbuilding

Social media provide companies with great opportunities to actually talk to their customers. How companies engage in dialogue with their stakeholders is a fascinating process—one which increasingly takes place via smartphone using image or video formats. Messages and content, therefore, must be short and to the point, with social media strategies combining the fine arts of storytelling and brand building.


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