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Ever since the transition to online PR, search engine optimisation (SEO) has been an issue for PR managers. From a search engine’s perspective, news pages containing press releases are rated highly: their content is well-written and relevant, and they tend to be frequently updated. The contents of media pages usually change more often than other, more static, pages of a company website. Relevant content is at least half the reason that company websites are easily found, thus increasing ranking and sales opportunities. Keywords, domain authority, page authority, and link building are all terms with which we are familiar, while text optimisation is now part and parcel of our daily duties.

SEO is a good match for PR

Companies who maintain their media pages well are certainly doing nothing wrong—but today’s PR directors must expand their horizons. essential media provides strategic consulting on taking that step from simple news pages to newsrooms, from media to social media. We are setting our sights on new content formats which are attractive to both stakeholders and customers—as well as to search engines. We identify appropriate, eye-catching online media, establish relationships with bloggers, and provide backlinks. We use SEO tools to cast an eye over our clients’ websites, then compare them to competitors’ websites and advise our clients on appropriate measures. We help small- to medium-sized companies unify their online strategies—and enable corporate PR directors to communicate effectively with their colleagues from digital marketing.

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