We are essential.

Good relations form the foundation of our PR agency.

Despite fundamental shifts in the media landscape, positive media relations remain the cornerstone of all public relations. Although essential media has spent the past twenty years working in the high-tech media environment, we still—due to our many years of working for well-known, globally operating IT concerns—maintain strong contacts with the various departments of national daily newspapers and economic media, as well as with TV and radio editors. Our success is based on the fact that we know how editorial offices work. We respond to their informational and organisational needs and act as intermediaries between our customers’ aims and journalism’s requirements.

Tenthousands of PR Contacts and Bloggers

Our database now contains almost ten thousand qualified contacts which, depending on the task at hand, we combine into distribution lists. This advantage also enables us to target specialised industry publications. Finally, although we are originally a high-tech agency, we also work for lifestyle and automotive clients—companies which are increasingly relying on IT tools and online channels for market access.

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