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At last—something new!

If you Google “content”, you’ll get seven billion hits. essential media focuses on creating effective media content for companies in both business-to-business and consumer environments. We have been producing content for companies for 20 years, but the landscape has undergone a fundamental change. Whereas our daily bread once comprised press releases, background stories or user reports, we are now creating more formats for our clients. This is a necessary step, as the press release is losing its journalistic appeal.

Content in different formats needed

According to a study carried out by the Bundeswehr University, over 40 percent of press releases are deleted unread. Fortunately, the opportunities for packaging content in different ways are increasing. Options include freshly texted blog entries, short videos, or landing pages, as well as brief (but relevant) posts on social media channels. And, of course, we mustn't forget print media. In the past, we designed and published several print magazines for companies. Now we can go wild on the web with companies’ “owned media”. We’re excited!

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